new release out:

Antoine Chessex "Multiple" CD


new release out:

Tree (Abrahams/Beins/Ermke) CD


new release out:

Claudio Rocchetti "The Fall Of Chrome" Book + Cs


new releases out:

Renato Rinaldi "All' Esedra" 1side LP
Israel Martinez "Nadaanda" 1side LP

both limited to 200 copies write to order

Two new releases available:

Stefano Pilia "Strings" CD
Nicola Ratti "Cathode Deafness" CS

more infos and sound samples in the editions page.
showcase tape edition is gone, more showcase to come during 2012.
Next: Renato Rinaldi "All' Esedra" 1side 12"


Few copies of the showcase tape edition available, 5€ + shipping cost, write for availability.

Stefano Pilia "Strings" CD
Nicola Ratti "Cathode Deafness" CS


First two releases are now available: Francisco Meirino and Carlos Casas cassettes, both limited to 100 copies, you can find more infos, sound samples and a limited edition of the Casas tape in the editions page.

next up will be a Stefano Pilia Cd, "strings" will be out by the end of november.

Musica Moderna first showcase at Codalunga on the 25th november, Carlos Casas video projection, Stefano Pilia sound installation and field recordings set by Ottaven.